Dedicated Customer Teams & Agile Services

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.
Our teams of trade compliance experts will make your importing experience with us is completely hassle-free. Before your goods are shipped, we will ensure that all documentation required for compliance purposes is correct, enabling efficient customs clearance at the origin and destination country. Our global relationships with customs authorities in 200 countries and territories will allow you to unlock untapped potential in new markets.
1. The supplier's handling time on the order up to when we collect
2. The transit time from the supplier's location to our shipment hub
3. Our shipment hub's handling time with regards to packaging and export declarations
4. The international shipping transit time from our shipment hub to your location
We currently currently ship to and from over 195 countries worldwide — and counting!
All shipments, collections and deliveries can be tracked online or via the customer login portal, you’ll receive an email with a booking confirmation letting you know that your shipment has been booked for collection, followed by systematic emails with each new updated shipment event until delivered to your location. The email will have a tracking number, You can also find this tracking number in your Customer Zone.

Here’s how to find this tracking number in the Customer Zone:

Go to Customer Login.
Click the “Shipment History” link on the left side of the page.
Locate the shipment, and then click the tracking number link under the item title.
NOTE: For older shipments, the tracking number will not show up. You will need to access the Shipment Details page for the item to view the tracking number and the shipment status.
EFT payment on receipt of Invoice, or in line with your credit terms
We offer strictly 30 days credit terms.
DDU EXPRESS SA is affiliated to TPN Credit Bureau, a registered credit bureau, all account
payment profiles, patterns and behavior is recorded monthly with the credit bureau for the purposes as per the National Credit Act.
Use the "Request a Quote" form and our estimates department will provide you with a detailed estimate or call DDU EXPRESS SA Customer Service at 011 036 8700 (and ask for “Sales or Estimates”)
For all shipments, you can request a proof of delivery image of the recipient's signature, issued via email or fax. However each proof of delivery (POD) is mailed systematically to the account holder or booking person.
It Depends on the location from where the shipment is being collected from, commodity, export and import, customs and the mode of transport selected. The estimated time of delivery is indicated at the time of quoting.
Use our live online chat support for any questions
Or feel free to contact us about any questions related to international shipping or local road freight. Our customer service team is here to help you.